"Sharif" is a traditional Middle Eastern title given to those who serve as the protector of all tribal assets. Typically this includes the protection of property, wells, and land. When paired with the word for scholar - "ololama" - the title becomes a noble rank of teacher of royalty. Such was the profession of Ali Esfahani, grandfather of Founder and President Shari Brown.

Ali Esfahani was given the title Sharif Ololama when he tutored the last Shah of the Qajar dynasty, Ahmad Shah Qajar. Sharif Ololama made sure his royal pupil, a highly intelligent young man, had a wide knowledge of both Eastern and Western culture and that he was well-read in history, politics, and economic theory.

Ahmad Shah Qajar assumed the throne at the age of 12, the first true constitutional monarch of Persia and was devoted to the principles of constitutional rule. Arguably Persia's only democratic ruler in history, he refused to exceed his power limits as a constitutional monarch to save his dynasty from downfall.

In return for Sharif Ololama's devotion and service to the Qajar Dynasty, the Peacock Palace bestowed upon him a title, numerous parcels of land, and other forms of compensation befitting a titled subject. Upon his death, this much beloved teacher and mentor to royalty was buried in the royal cemetery and his name inscribed in the royal scrolls for all eternity.

Ali Esfahani's legacy of education and service is the basis of The SharifOlolama Foundation, a California non-profit recognizing and supporting the nobility of families by providing financial aid and educational scholarships.

We believe all children, especially those orphaned and without families, are entitled to the best education possible. Widows specifically need the support of our programs to return stability to their children and families.

It is the vision of the SharifOlolama Foundation to carry on this great legacy.

By serving underprivileged families and youth with high quality programs, we know we will create better living and educational conditions in communities for many years to come. We invite you to help us safeguard the nobility of families and help us with our mission and values for future generations.

"Every year approximately 1500 youth "age out" of the foster care system in Los Angeles without being prepared for the challenges of adulthood. They have no place to go. They are raised in the system with 100% support and suddenly have zero support. Within two years, more than half are unemployed, and nearly half are incarcerated or homeless."

"I want our programs to address this underserved population by providing skill building vocations and a chance for higher education," says Shari. "Our MARE Academy programs are structured for such services. By providing them with caring and consistent adult role models, the foundation can help these young people realize their dreams."

As our mission can only be actualized with the formation of a donor population that is willing to share in our vision, we invite you to learn more about the specific details of the SharifOlolama Foundation. Please contact us for further information.